These are a collection of family trees of the Staniforth and some related families generated from research done by my parents, Ronald Staniforth and Margaret Staniforth (née Kennard) over many years. In more recent times my brothers and I have continued this work by performing more research and making the information collected available on the Web.

Our family is the one described by tree "1. Staniforth, John 1758 to 1825 Hull". This should be generally correct back to John Staniforth, born about 1758. Most information has been cross-checked. Earlier than this the tree is tentative pending further research. Earliest records of the family are in the East Riding of Yorkshire. No links have been found with any other Staniforth families.

My mother's family is tree "2. Kennard, Thomas married 1777". Most of the information is that recorded by my mother from family members and family Bibles with Parish, Civil, and Census records used used to check and correct that information. Earliest records of the family are in the Daventry area of Northamptonshire.

You can find the family trees at the following web sites:- Webtrees format. This is being kept up to date, especially family trees "1. Staniforth, John 1758 to 1825 Hull" and "2. Kennard, Thomas married 1777".

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J. Staniforth. March 2017